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Privacy protection

Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

The operator of (Herbapharma Kft.) hereby informs the visitors of the web page about the Terms and Conditions of Use, its practice regarding personal data management, the organisational and technical measures taken to ensure data privacy, the visitors’ related rights and the ways to enforce those rights.

Terms and Conditions of Use

General terms and conditions

1.1. In this present Terms and Conditions of Use any private individual, either adult or minor and any business entity with legal capacity, and any adult or minor having no or limited legal capacity, who make a purchase via or posts a comment on is considered a User.

1.2. By using the Service, the User accepts this present Terms and Conditions of Use and regards it as legally binding. At the same time, the User accepts the Principles of Privacy that form an appendix of this present Terms and Conditions of Use. While using the community module of the web shop of, the User is obliged to provide real data that can be connected to the User. If the Operator (Herbapharma Kft.) becomes aware of the fact that the data provided by the User (also) contains untruthful elements, the Operator is entitled to partially or entirely limit the User's access to the Service.

1.3. In compliance with Section 15 Article 4 of the Hungarian Act on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services (Ekrtv.), by using the Service an online contract is formed between the User and the Operator.

1.4. The Operator (Herbapharma Kft.) reserves the right to unilaterally amend this present Terms and Conditions of Use. The User is informed about the amendment in the form of a short written announcement. The announcement may be made public on the related platform of or included in the newsletter or notice sent to the User to the e-mail address that was provided. Using the Service thereafter is considered an acceptance of the amendment to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1.5. Purchase through the web page, as a service, is provided for the User by the Operator (EU TCM Center Kft.) after registration. The password and the e-mail address provided by the User as unique identifiers are necessary to register on These are activated immediately upon registration, and the Operator even sends an e-mail to the address confirming the registration. Only one profile may belong to one e-mail address. When using, the password and the e-mail address together identifies the user.

1.6. The Operator (Herbapharma Kft..) reserves the right to ban any Users or delete any transactions and other contents or information if they are, according to the Operator, inconsistent with the appropriate use of or qualify as libel or regarded as illegal, offensive or immoral.

1.7. The Operator (Herbapharma Kft.) reserves the right to verify the data provided by the User upon registration at any time, especially if the authenticity of the registration data is questioned. During the verification process, until the end thereof at the longest, the Operator is entitled to limit or suspend the User's access to the web page.

1.8. If the user registration (user account) on is deleted, the legal relationship that is governed by this present Terms and Conditions of Use ceases to exist without any special notice.

2. About the purchase

2.1. By placing the order on the web page, the User makes a binding offer to the distributor (Herbapharma Kft..) to purchase the product(s). After the order is placed, the Operator (Herbapharma Kft.) sends an e-mail confirming the order. The Operator may confirm the order by phone if the Operator's system cannot establish a connection with the e-mail address provided by the User mainly due to the technical difficulties encountered by the e-mail provider. If the online purchase (transaction) is successful, a contract is formed between the retailer and the User. The User is obliged to perform and comply with the contract, that is, in the event of the contractual performance of the Seller, the User is obliged to purchase and take over/make use of the product/service. If the User fails to take over the product or make use of the service, the operator of the web page may report this to the respective bodies. The Operator is further entitled to partially or entirely limit or suspend the User's access to the Service.

2.2. On the purchase related consumer rights

2.2.1. The legal relationship between the Operator and the User is governed by the Hungarian law.

2.2.2. The user, who believes that their right to the protection of personal data has been infringed by the owner of the web page may assert their claim before a civil court or may seek assistance from the data protection supervisor. The detailed statutory provisions concerning these and the obligations of the data manager are included in Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Information of Public Interest. When drafting the Principles of Privacy, Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Information of Public Interest and Act VI of 1998 on the protection of individuals with regards to the automatic processing of personal data were used.

2.2.3. In case of a possible legal dispute, depending on jurisdiction, the parties stipulate the sole jurisdiction of the competent court of the Operator's headquarters.

2.2.4. The customer service of the operator of receives the complaints concerning the service, the quality-related problems regarding the products and the user requests primarily by e-mail (address: The customer service replies to the consumer complaints in writing via e-mail or by phone if a telephone number is provided. The Operator (Herbapharma Kft.) examines and responds to the consumer complaints and the users' questions immediately, but not later than the deadline determined by the provision of law regarding the handling of consumer complaints.

2.2.5. Apart from the customer services of the operator, the distributor and the manufacturer, the user may file a complaint at the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection. In case of objections regarding electronic advertisement, the user may initiate proceedings at the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

Contact details of the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection: Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság, 1364 Budapest, Pf. 144;

Privacy Policy

The data manager

The data manager: Herbapharma Kft.
Post adress: 1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 176-178.

2. The sphere of managed data

2.1. Browsing without logging in

In this case the system generates a session ID that is automatically deleted when leaving the web page. The system records the location from where the User visits the web page, the starting and ending time of the visit and in certain cases, depending on the settings of the User's computer, the type of the browser and the operation system. The system automatically generates statistical figures from the aforementioned data. These are not connected to the personal data and are analysed solely in connection with the combined number of visitors.
The system uses cookies to collect statistical data utilised to gather anonymous information and for polls, and certain data is stored also after leaving the web page (e.g. the contents of the shopping cart).

2.2. Data provided upon purchase
The personal data provided by the User upon purchase is not disclosed to a third party. The only exception is the home delivery company, to whom the delivery data is transferred, while confidential treatment thereof is ensured. Besides performing the delivery, the data is used to collect statistic-demographic information and to discover buying habits.

2.3. Data provided upon subscribing to the newsletter
When the User subscribes to the newsletter, the name and the e-mail address provided by the User is stored. These are necessary for sending the newsletter. The stored data is not disclosed to a third party.

3. The term of data management

Session IDs are deleted when leaving the web page. The operator of (Herbapharma Kft.) does not take any responsibility for its previous web pages that have already been deleted, however archived by online search engines. It is the search engine operator's responsibility to remove them.
The personal data of registered users are stored until the User requests those to be deleted at the profile settings.

4. Persons having authority to access data, data processors

The personal data provided by the users is only accessible to the data management staff. The data manager does not disclose personal data to a third party except to those indicated above. This does not apply to the occasional transfer of data required by law that may only take place in extreme cases. Before fulfilling the given official request for data, the data manager examines in respect of every piece of information whether the legal basis for the transmission of data actually exists.
The system is operated by Herbapharma Kft.

5. The rights of the users regarding the management of their personal data, deletion of data

About the data indicated in section 2 the users act on their own discretion. The legal basis of data management is the voluntary contribution of the users. The users may request information concerning the management of their personal data. Upon request, the data manager gives information to those concerned about the managed data, the purpose of data management, the legal basis and term thereof, the name and address of the data manager (Herbapharma Kft.; 1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 176-178.), the activities related to data management and about who and for what purpose receive or received the data. Information may be requested at the postal address of the data manager (1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 176-178.) and via e-mail, under the following address: The User may request the correction and deletion of their personal data through the same contacts, while they may also do so on their personal user interface. In case of inappropriate use of the services of the web page, or if requested by the User, the data connected to them is deleted. The data is deleted immediately and permanently. Thereafter, the User has the opportunity to register with a new profile. One e-mail address may be used for registering one profile only. The e-mail and IP address of the User deleted for using the services of the web page inappropriately will be banned.

6. Information regarding threats on privacy

The internet use brings along various threats on privacy. Please note that the comments posted on the website are regarded as personal data and may contain information even on one’s origins and political views. These data become visible to everybody. To enhance personal data protection, it is recommended to use Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET). Numerous websites provide detailed information about it.

7. Related websites

Information regarding data privacy


Copyright compliance policy

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