Crataegus pinnatifida
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Crataegus pinnatifida

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The history of dr. Chen Patika

Introduction – encounter of traditional wisdom and science for 20 years

The products of dr. Chen are developed in virtue of holistic view, because we deeply believe that everybody is able to improve his / her health by paying attention to the eating habits. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine und using the most modern nutritional sciences and most up-to-date technologies we create products which help you to maximize your performance.

Quality is extremely important for us. Our products are prepared in our factory in Budapest and we gained several appreciations with our facility. We correspond to the newest pharmaceutical plus international standards of GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and NQA, in 2006 we obtained the innovation and research application within the seventh framework programme of the European Union. We buy active ingredients monitored by our experts only from reliable suppliers and we regularly control our products under strict laboratorian circumstances.

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Our history:

The original concept was launched by dr. Chen Zhen, Ph. D. at the beginning of the nineteen-nineties. Dr. Chen is not only candidate in medical sciences, but he also recieved traditional chinese medical education. He desperately intends to modernise traditional artefacts with scientific researches and to introduce them to European consumers.

He arrived to Central Europe as a clinical physician at the end of the eighties. He noticed during his activity in Hungary that patients were subscribed very strong synthetic medicines even in case of slight weaknesses. These have not only strong side effects, but they also cost a lot of money. In his motherland doctors prefer recommending herbs or food-supplements in such cases. Besides „healthy” and „sick”, chinese medicine keeps count of a transition phase, which is not to detect with modern instruments, the „not sick yet, but no more healthy”condition, which is characterized by fatigue, moodiness, irritability and discomfort. In this case the emergence of serious illnesses can be prevented by appropiate nutrition and consuming of food-supplements. Then herbs came to the mind of dr. Chen which are used in his country with excellent effect to similar symptoms for thousand of years. He decided to introduce them to Europe.

Although the efficiency of many herbs was confirmed, chinese medicine in its original form was accepted with little scepticism in Europe. To overcome this, dr. Chen merged his knowledge about nutrition, modern medical sciences and traditional medicine and invented traditional products which are based on traditional principles, but contain scientifically confirmed active agents. He pays high attention to keep the products up-to-date from the aspects of flavour and shape and to suit the expectations of modern life.

Nowadays, 20 years later, dr. Chen has been still going all-out for spreading of herbs and devices of natural origin. He has been already supported in inventing new products by a group of numerous scientists, doctors and herb-experts. During the years he found out more than 100 products which are very popular in Hungary and also in other countries of the EU. They are available in bigger drogeries (DM, Rossmann), in supermarkets (Tesco, Auchan), in pharmacies and also in Bioshops 
His workpeople is appreciated in many ways. As the chairman of the Central European Chinese Association of Public Utility for Physicians and Pharmacologists, as member of the Board of the European Chamber of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ECC-TCM), as European vice-chairman of Excellent Food Association, as TCM Instructor and as professor of several Hungarian and Chinese universities he endeavors to acquaint the positive effects of appropriate nutrition, healthy lifestyle and herbs. For him this engagement is concentrated in a Chines proverb:

„Your best doctor in the world is yourself”   

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