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TCM introduction


The roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) go back to times before Christ.
The Chinese medicine is so popular because of its comprehensive view. Chinese doctors see the human body as organic part of the nature and healing is a natural process which can be promoted by appropriate nutrition and lifestyle. Traditional Chinese Medicine thinks that the whole mankind and also the individuals are part of a bigger complex, the universe. Same laws apply to all of us, the laws that regulate the entire nature. According to TCM, health depends from reserving the balanced and harmonic inner environment. The balance is characterised by the notion of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are 2 dynamic forces from which everything originates that in the universe supervenes. The meaning of the Chinese character of Yin is „the dark side of the mountain”, while Yang means „the bright side of the mountain”. To Yin attach cold, dark and wet ideas, Yang is connected with warm, bright and dry things. Yin is calm, static and inactive, Yang is dynamic, active and expansive. Every thing, circumstance and situation can be partially or completely described belonging to Yin and Yang. This idea comprehends Yin and Yang as a process. Based on the picture of the mountain, the dark side of the mountain is rather of Yin nature compairing with the bright Yang side. As sun rises and runs its orbit on the sky, in the afternoon it shines on the opposite slope instead of the morning illuminated side. Yin turns into Yang and Yang becomes Yin, as day changes into night. 

According to TCM, the human body can be divided into Yin and Yang areas. In case of an illness the conception of Yin and Yang is used to describe the basic procedures of the change. When Yin is too strong Yang becomes ill, when Yang dominates Yin suffers. The aim of every treatment is to re-estabilish the balance of Yin and Yang. To create this balance in our body or in the universe the energy, with chinese expression Qi (pronounce chi) must flow without hindrance and in sufficient quantity through the whole system.  

The usage of herbs is an essential part of TCM. Herbs contain natural substances in higher amount which can change the chemical compound of the body and doing so they contribute to the restoration of the natural health status. Another benediction of the herbs is that they contain the natural ingredients in such a combination that the disturbed harmony of the body will be repaired in the most efficient way and with the least possible side effects.


The 5000 year knowledge of TCM becomes more and more popular in Europe and in Oversea, too. While earlier this science was treated skeptically, by now it has been appreciated officially, in Hungary with the declaration of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2003. Nowadays the European Union destines an important role to TCM in the European health service. The Conference of Chinese-European TCM has been organised for this reason, on which the representaton of the European Parliament, many Ministries of the Chinese Government, authorities and professional assosiations of 27 member states negotiated about the future of of TCM and they founded the framework programme FP7 about the scientific cooperatoin between China and Europe. In this programme both parties collaborate widely, even on governmental and academical level in research and development of TCM and herbs. Hungary is one of the most important member states, it made several contacts with many Chinese institutes.


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