Crataegus pinnatifida
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Crataegus pinnatifida

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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Basic philosophy of our company is to sustain a harmonic and vitalizing connection with our environment and with our community. This is the reason why we emphasise the search for solutions which enable this.

The plant built with unique technique in our country uses geothermic energy for cooling and heating. With this method we are not only able to ensure a pleasant inner temperature to our colleagues, but we can also minimize the harmful effects to our natural environment.


  • To deem each employee equal is very important for us. In our plant we also employ people with disabilities to give them a chance for living. For this initiative we obtained the professional award of the Natinal Development Agency „For Equal Chances” for employers in 2007.

  • In addition to these, we often take part in charity and other activities of public utility to spread our philosophy in the wider society.

  • We support the Foundation for the children’s health „Golden Bough” each year.


Since 2010 we take part in the Fair of Pensionists in which dr. Chen personally and free of charge makes health check and gives customised nutritional advices to the participants.


  • We made a financial offering through the Maltese Help Aid to the areas devastated by red mud in 2010.

  • Dr. Chen regularly delivers lectures and different educational programmes for medical students and for fans of healthy lifestyle and traditional medicine.







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